Natural Cure For Common Ailments

This section Natural Cure For Common Ailments is an useful reference that helps you to treat many common ailments.

Many years ago, I used to woke up in the middle of the night with terrible headache, and I was also suffering from back pain due to bad posture.

I was hoping to find some ways to relieve the pain without prescription and over-the-counter drugs. You see, just like you, I hate popping pills.

So I began to study natural therapies ranging from acupressure, natural herbs, vitamins, and other body and movement therapies. Over the years, I discover many simple therapies that are easy to use at home or at work. I have also learnt from my close friends on how to prevent and treat some of the common health problems using aromatherapy.

I will update the natural remedies gradully. You can refer to this section when needed, see which one fits your case best and that you feel most comfortable with, and use the techniques to alleviate the discomfort or even distress.

However, do remember that, while some minor problems can be treated at home, you should always seek your doctor’s opinion for serious symptoms.


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