Nipple Massage
Qi Gong For Sexual Health

The benefits of nipple massage
This exercise is beneficial for frigidity or low libido, because it stimulates female sexual energy. If you performed it before intercourse, it would help to facilitates female orgasm. It also turns on the entire female endocrine system. By focusing attention on various glandular centres (pituitary in brain, thyroid in throat, thymus at heart, etc.), warm sexual energy is drawn to those points and stimulates those glands.

This is also a good way for women to warm up their channels before practising internal energy meditation.

The technique of Nipple Massage

Nipple Massage

(1) Stand in Horse, or sit comfortably on a hard stool or chair, with bare feet planted parallel on the floor.

(2) Close your eyes and do a few minutes of deep breathing. (3) Then rub the palms together till warm, place the centre of the palms firmly over your nipples, and slowly massage in circles, thirty-six times in one direction, thirty-six times in the other.

(4) If you prefer, you may instead use the tips of the index, middle, and ring fingers to massage in circles in one-inch radius around nipples.

(5) As you massage, focus attention on the point between the eyebrows, then the throat, then the heart, then the kidneys, and finally the ovaries, drawing warm sexual energy to those centres.

(6) Perform one to three sets, as you wish. When finished, stand or sit still for a while with your eyes closed and let energy circulate up the back and down the front.

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