Ovary Massage
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The benefits of this qi gong exercise "ovary massage for women"

This exercise increases the sexual secretions from ovaries. It also stimulates the female sexual energy and helps to regulate menstrual cycles. If you have ovarian cysts or similar problems, do this exercise two or three times daily, in order to stimulate circulation of blood and healing energy into these tissues.

The Technique of This Qi Gong Exercise

(1) Stand relaxed in Horse stance and warm up with a few minutes of deep breathing.

(2) Rub your palms together till warm, then place thumbs together at the navel, forming a straight line from thumb to thumb parallel to the ground.

(3) Then place the tips of the index fingers together to form a triangle. You'll find the ovaries located at the tips of the little and ring fingers. Use those fingers to massage the ovaries in a circular motion thirty-six times in one direction, and thirty-six times in the other.

(4) Keeping the hands in this position on the abdomen, follow up with a few minutes of deep abdominal breathing to draw warm sexual energy upwards along the spine into the head, then back down the front into the Lower Elixir Field for storage.

(5) Apply the anal lock on inhalation and relax it on exhalation in order to stimulate energy into circulation through the Microcosmic Orbit.

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