The Palming Meditation

Palming Meditation

Palming meditation gives your whole system a minibreak - any time, anywhere. Your heartbeat will slow down, your breathing will become steady and relaxed. You will feel tension dropping from your body.

The Technique

1. Sit with your elbows on a desk and put your face in your hands, cupping your palms over your eyes. Don't press - your touch should be light and gentle.

2 Relax your shoulders and sink into the soothing darkness.

3 As you sit quietly, feel the gentle warmth of your hands permeating every cell of your eyes. The vital energy transmitted through your palms fills your eyes with energy, wisdom, and renewed clarity. Affirm to yourself that you will see clearly and truthfully this afternoon.

4 Now visualize your third eye in the centre of your forehead (it governs intuition and psychic awareness). Feel that area becoming energized. Affirm to yourself that you will call on your intuition throughout the rest of the day - you will make the right choices, the right decisions.

5 Rest quietly like this for as long as possible.

6 Come back to waking reality. Stamp your feet to re-establish contact with the everyday world.

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