Pelvic Thrust ... Sexual Enhancement Technique ...

The Pelvic thrust is a sexual enhancement technique for both sexes.

(1) Stand in Horse stance, place hands on hips, and slightly bend the knees.

(2) Inhale and slowly thrust the pelvis back as far as possible, arching the lower spine and sticking the butt out.

(3) Then exhale and draw the pelvis forwards, straightening the lower spine and tucking the butt in as far as possible.

(4) Continue this for two or three minutes. You may also use this as a warm-up exercise.

Pelvic Thrust

The Benefits

  • Stimulates and stretches the nerve fibres in the sacral region, thereby stimulating secretions of sexual essence in testicles, ovaries, prostate, and other sacral glands.
  • Limbers and tones the vertebrae and nerves of the lower spine, which regulate sexual 'functions.
  • Stimulates kidney and bladder organ energies. Draws blood and energy into the sacrum, thereby enhancing sexual energy.
  • Encourages energy to rise up from the, leg channels to the perineum, where it enters circulation in the Central and Governing channels. This triggers conversion of sexual essence into sexual energy to replace the energy drawn up from the legs.

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