Polygonum Multiflorum
( 何首乌 ) ...Chinese Herb...

Latin Plant Name

Polygoni Multiflori

Pinyin Mandarin Name

He Shou Wu

Common English Name


Part of Plant Used



Slightly warm


Bitter, sweet, astringent

Meridians Entered

Liver, Kidney

Common Usages

This herb is used in formulas to treat symptoms of chronic disease, including general weakness, weak lower back, leakage of sperm, leukorrhea, dizziness, blurred vision, insomnia, anemia, constipation, poor appetite, fatigue, and weight loss; also used to treat skin lumps, sores, abscesses, and boils; may also be used to restore hair color and restore skin tone and color.

Traditional Usages and Functions

Tonifies Liver and Kidneys, nourishes Blood, and benefits Essence; retains Essence and stops leakage; detoxifies fire poison; moistens Intestines and moves stool; expels wind from skin by nourishing Blood.

Common Formulas Used In

Polygonum Tablet

Processing Required




Cautions in Use

Do not use where there is deficient Spleen or excessive phlegm.

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