Treatment for Psoriasis

To treat Psoriasis, use the following methods:

  • Cut up and crush 250g fresh ginger and soak it in 500ml white wine for 2 days. Use a cotton ball to apply externally to the affected region, several times a day.
  • Crush peeled garlic cloves; mix with sesame oil or lard to make an ointment. Cut the hair in the affected area before application, once a day and apply externally to the affected region. Mix 20g whole cloves with 70 percent alcohol to make 100mI. Apply externally to the affected region.
  • Apply vinegar to the affected region, 3 times a day. Or fill a plastic bag with vinegar and tie the bag around the hand overnight to heal greyish nails.
  • Boil a few eggs and remove the egg white; fry the yolks until dried and burned; mix yolks with boiling water so that yolk oil will float on the surface. Cool it and use to rub the affected region.

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