Qi Gong Exercises for Health

Qi gong exercises for health can help you achieve ultimate health and the things that you've only dreamed of.

  • Look and feel younger, and add many healthy years to your life
  • Help damaged tissue to heal more quickly
  • Increase your sexual performance and sends sensation to your partner that he or she never dreamed existed
  • Help relieve your stressTrain your mind for focus and creativity

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Warm Up For Qi Gong Exercises

Do these warm up exercises before you start any qi gong practice. These warm up exercises helps to warm up the internal organs and make your body more flexible. If your body is stiff, your body qi will be affected.

Body Swinging

Tilting Your Body

Bending Your Body

Neck Exercises

Arms Exercises

Leg Swinging Exercises

Breathing Methods

The Breathing Methods For Qi Gong

Abdomen Breathing

General Qi Gong Exercises

Ba Duan Jin (Eigth Strands of Brocade)

Stay Youthful

Attaining Academic Excellence

Meditation Method 1

Palming Meditation


Thymus Tapping

Kidneys Rubbing and Tapping

Spinal Stretching

Tongue Stretching and Rolling

Qi Gong Health Balls

Qi Gong For Body's Disorders

Induced Qi Flow - A technique for curing illness

Qi Gong For Asthma

Qi Gong For Constipation

Qi Gong For Hemorrhoids

Qi Gong For Sexual Vitality

Submerged Breathing (for men and women)

Pelvic Thrust (for men and women)

Embracing Tree (for men and women)

Naked Hop (for men and women)

Abdominal Massage (for men and women)

The Art Of Lifting The Anus(for women only)

Breast Massage (for women only)

Nipple Massage (for women only)

Ovary Massage (for women only)

Thigh Massage (for women only)

Twisting Feet (for women only)

Seminal Ducts Massage (for men only)

Testicle Massage (for men only)

Tapping and Rolling Testicles Massage (for men only)

Jade Stalk Massage (for men only)

Warm Down Exercises

Do the warm down exercises after every qi gong exercises:
Warm Down Exercises

How Does Qi Gong Works?

Our body is just like a bottomless well of physical and psychic energy (known as "qi" in Chinese). Unfortunately, most of us unknowingly block the flow of qi, and live out our life without reaching our potential.

By learning the ancient exercises of breath, posture and sensory awareness, you can direct your qi to flow smoothly in your body's meridians. It enables you to enter a place of quiet and peace inside yourself.

In China, many cancer patients practice qi gong as part of their daily routine to help them fight their disease. By practising as a group, these cancer patients also gains emotional support from each other.

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