Qi Gong For Academic Excellence

The qi gong for academic excellence, as the name implies, helps to enhance intelligence. This exercise is very invaluable.

1. Sit comfortably with your legs firmly on the floor and your back upright.

2. Place your left palm about two inches in front of your zhongji vital point (about midway between your navel, and your genitals).

3. Place your right palm about two inches in front of your left nipple. Make sure that your shoulders and elbows are relaxed.

4. Breathe naturally. Silently count your inhalations 120 times. Simultaneously visualize a warm, glowing light flowing from your huiyin vital point (at your anus) to your baihui vital point (at the crown of your head).

5. Silently count your exhalations, also 120 times. Visualize qi flowing out of your yuzhen vital point (the mid-point between your ears at the back of your head). The breathing should be slow, gentle and long. Also visualize light from your palm shining on your heart.

6. After counting the inhalations and exhalations 120 times each, gently place your left hand over your baihui, and slowly rotate it in an anticlockwise direction forty-nine times. Visualize qi being drawn back from the baihui.

7. Gently bring your left hand from your head down your body to your abdomen, bringing qi from baihui to qihai (about two or three inches below the navel).

8. Place your left hand about two inches above qihai, and your right hand on your left; and visualize qi focusing at this energy field at the abdomen.

9. Complete the exercise with facial massage followed by brisk walking.

If you are a parent and you want your children to excel academically then qi gong can provide the means. If you are a student yourself, with your intellect open, you can not only expect your performance to improve, but you can reasonably aim for academic excellence.

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