Qi Gong for Asthma

The technnique of qi gong for Asthma are:

(1) Stand in a quiet room, relax, and breathe naturally. Tap the upper and lower teeth together 36 times, stir the saliva inside the mouth with the tongue, and swallow the saliva.

(2) Imagine warm white air flowing into your lungs as you inhale deeply. Send the air slowly through the lungs down to the area two finger-widths below the belly button. Repeat this nine times.

(3) Place both palms on your chest. Inhale slowly. When you exhale, pronounce "sch." Meanwhile rub your chest with both palms from top to bottom. Repeat this six times.

(4) Sit on the ground with the legs naturally crossed. With your hands, press the ground on either side of your body, throw out your chest to inhale, pause awhile, then arc your back forward and draw in the chest to exhale. Repeat this six times.

(5) Sit in the lotus position. Place your palms on the knees. First twist to the left four times, then twist to the right four times. Inhale when you are turning to the left or right; exhale when you turn back.

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