Qi Gong to Stay Youthful

The qi gong to stay youthful is rather simple but you would be surprised by the results. We will call this qi gong - "Stay Youthful" exercise.

(1) Start in the Wu Chi position.

(2) Then bend your body forward so that your arm drop effortlessly in front, and your fingers are slightly below knee level, as in Figure below.

Keep both arms and legs straight. Tuck your head in so that your back forms a continuous curve. Gently hold your breath. Think of your chi flowing from your anus up your spine to the crown of your head.

(2) Then straighten your body slowly, lifting your arms, with the elbows straight.

Move in a continuous arc to the front and then up above the head. Simultaneously breathe in gently through your nose. When your hands are above your head, bend your arms slightly, and form the shape of a full moon with both thumbs and index fingers.

(3) Continue the body movement backwards so that your back bends in an arc, with your hands forming the round shape of the moon beyond your head.

Hold the pose, and your breath, for two or three seconds.

(4) Then straighten your body and lower your arms from both sides.

Simultaneously, breathing out gently through your mouth. Visualize chi flowing from your head down your whole body like a cascade or waterfall to your fingertips and toes.

(5) Feel the pleasant, tingling sensation as it flows inside your body. Think of this waterfall of vital energy cleansing your body of rubbish (negative emotions, illness, toxic waste, and such like) down into the ground through your soles, and at the same time let the vital energy nourish every cell in your body, making you healthy and youthful. Remain motionless for a second or two to enjoy the pleasant sensation of energy flow. This completes the sequence. Repeat it about ten to twenty times.

When to practise the "Stay Youthful" exercise

This exercise may be performed on its own or in combination with other exercises. You may, for example, start with "Supporting The Heaven" Exercise, followed by six sequences of "Stay Youthful" exercise.

As you progress, you may gradually increase the number of times you do the exercise, and be surprised that you are growing younger each day!

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