Seminal Duct Massage

The benefits of seminal duct massage:

This massage clears the seminal ducts of stagnant seminal fluids. It also tones the tissues of the ducts, and stimulates sperm and semen production.

Chinese Massage

Above figure (A & B) - Massage seminal ducts up and down by stretching and contracting them.

Figure (C & D) - Massage seminal ducts side to side by rolling them between thumb and first two fingers

The Techniques

(1) Hold the testicles in the same manner as above, but instead of massaging the testicles, use the tips of the ring fingers and thumbs to locate the seminal ducts above the testicles.

(2) When you've found them, roll these tubes around between fingertips and thumbs, then pinch and release them, then stretch them downwards like rubber bands. Be careful and be gentle.

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