Qi Gong and Sexual Essence

The 3 stages in qi gong exercises that induce sexual essence to enhance sexual health are:

Stimulating higher level of sexual essence

The qi gong exercise will stimulate the 'external kidneys' (i.e the testicles in men, and ovaries in women and other sexual glands) to secrete elevated levels of sexual essence (i.e. hormones).

These sexual secretions supply the basic ingredients for refining the 'elixir of life' by means of Taoist internal alchemy.

Convert sexual essence into energy

Enhance Sex Life Energy derived from sexual essence is stored primarily in the two reservoirs formed by the leg vessels of the Eight Extraordinary Channels. With these qi gong exercises, the extra sexual essence produced is automatically converted into energy and stored. in the leg channels.

For men who indulged in excessive sexual activities, they lose their semen essence through frequent ejaculation. As a result, they usually feel weak and wobbly in the legs and knees. This phenomenon confirms the ancient Taoist tenet that sexual energy is stored in the leg channels.

Convert energy into spirit

This is the final stage of internal alchemy, whereby sexual energy drawn up from the leg channels is further refined and sublimated as it rises upwards through energy centres of the Central and Governing channels into the brain, where it is transformed into pure spiritual vitality. As it rises, it cleanses and energizes the marrow, fluids, and nerves of the spine.

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