Qi Gong Exercise: Spinal stretching

The Spinal Stretching exercise is simple, but it has many benefits as listed below:

  • It stretches the entire spinal column and aligns the vertebrae.
  • It Stimulates all nerves along the spine. In doing so, it promotes free flow of cerebrospinal fluids and energy.
  • The alternate bowing and arching of the spine (look at the diagram below) also provides direct stimulation to the thymus and adrenals. Thus, it encourages energy to rise up along the spinal channels into the brain.

The Technique

Free Qi Gong Exercise

(1) You can either stand or sit on a low stool or chair.

(2) The feet should be wider than shoulder width. Place your hands firmly on knees. Keep your spine erect.

(3) Inhale, then extend the chin and lean forwards, stretching the entire spine as you follow your chin forwards and down between your knees.

(4) At that point, tuck your chin in against your chest, arch your spine upwards and start lifting your torso back up by pushing the hands against the knees.

(5) Keep your chin tucked in until the spine is once again erect, and inhale slowly as you rise.

(6) Then raise the head, look straight ahead, and commence another cycle on exhalation.

The key is alternately to bow and arch the spine and stretch the vertebrae in conjunction with deep diaphragmic breathing.

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