Testicle Massage

The testicle massage increases the production of testosterone, sperm, and seminal fluids and elevates male sexual energy.

When energy is drawn upwards from the leg channels, the extra sexual essence produced by testicle massage will be converted to energy and stored in the leg channels.

The Technique

Qi Gong For Sexuality

Picture (A) - Using both hands to massage right testicle

Picture (B) - Using both hands to massage left testicle.

Picture (C) - Rolling both testicles around between thumb and index fingers of both hands.

(1) Stand in Horse, or sit on the edge of a hard stool or chair, without pants.

(2) Rub your palms together till warm, then place the tips of all four fingers underneath the testicles, with thumbs on top, and massage the testicles firmly by rolling them around between fingertips and thumbs.

(3) Pressure should be firm but not painful.

(4) Roll the testicles thirty-six times in each direction, then relax and draw energy upwards with abdominal breathing performed in conjunction with anal lock and visualization.

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