Tilapia and Pepper Soup

Chinese Herbal Soup Recipe


This soup tastes good and is highly nutritious. It warms the organs, regulates the Stomach Qi (vital energy), cures asthenia, clears Coldness and improves appetite. It is good for indigestion, vomiting and nausea caused by Spleen-Coldness and Stomach-Coldness.

Cooking Tips

  1. Do not break the gallbladder when gut the fish. Make sure that the gills are removed.
  2. Gut the fish right before you make the soup to keep it fresh. Cover the pot when boiling to make the soup richer.

375gtilapia 鲫鱼
12gwhite pepper 白胡椒粉
1 tspglutinous rice wine 黄酒(糯米酒)
1 sprigdiced sprig onion 葱花
2 slicesginger 姜片
salt 幼盐


  1. Scale and gut the fish. Marinate with wine, ginger and salt for a while.
  2. Boil the fish in a suitable amount of water over low heat to make a thick soup. Add pepper and spring onion. Serve.

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