Qi Gong Exercise
- Tongue Stretching and Rolling

The benefits of tongue stretching and rolling

This technique stimulates the secretion of saliva from glands beneath the tongue. In qi gong, this saliva is believed to be very beneficial to the body. When swallowed, it also helps to digest offensive bacteria in the mouth and remove bad breath. Stretching the tongue also tonifies the heart because the tongue and heart muscles are connected.

The technique

(1) Extend the tongue and stretch it out as far as possible.

(2) Then roll it back into the mouth and curl it up until the tip touches the soft palate at the top of the throat.

(3) Repeat about a dozen times before move on to the next step.

(4) Next, roll the tongue rapidly in circles either clockwise or counterclockwise, whichever is more comfortable, along the upper and lower gum lines between teeth and lips.

(5) Continue rolling circles until the tongue muscle feels tired or numb. Swallow any saliva secreted from beneath the tongue.

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