Twisting Feet
Qi Gong Exercise For Sexual Health

The benefits of twisting feet

This is an old Chinese exercise designed for women after childbirth in order to help tighten up the vagina again.

This is meant not only to enhance sexual pleasure, but also to prevent loss of chee through flaccid vaginal muscles, a common problem for women after childbirth.

Female adepts of Tao must take care to keep their vaginal muscles well toned in order to prevent leakage of energy through this orifice. Practising the anal lock on inhalation enhances the benefits of this exercise.

The Technique

(1) Sit on the ground or floor with legs extended, as in the the Thigh Massage exercise.

(2) As you inhale, twist the feet and ankles inwards towards each other, then pull them back towards the upper body.

(3) Then exhale and let feet relax and return to the original position. Repeat one or two dozen times.

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