Visualization in Qi Gong

The visualization technique is a simple exercise. Very often, we hear people questioning whether it really works?

(1) Practise the exercise in a quiet, pleasant environment without distractions.

(2) Sit crosslegged in a standard meditation pose, or upright on a seat, or lean back on a comfortable chair, or lie on a bed or a couch.

(3) Close your eyes and relax deeply. Then visualize your diseased part. Literally will it to recover - but do so gently.

(4) Hold the image of that part in the process of recovering (and later, recovered) as long as you can in your mind's eyes.

Again, do this gently.

When you lose your image, rest your mind for a short while, still with your eyes closed.

(5) Then repeat the process.

Practise the whole exercise for about five minutes at least twice a day for between three and eight months.

Does it really works?

In the latest discoveries of modern science, scientists have accepted the fact that at the subatomic level the mind directly affects matter.

At the subatomic and unconscious level, our bodies constantly cure and regenerate themselves. All the wear and tear inside our bodies, of which we are not aware, is constantly repaired in this natural way.

All the cells in our bodies are constantly being renewed at different rates. Every seven months, there is a total turnover of our cells. In other words, the body you have now is totally different from the one you had seven months ago!

When the rate of self-curing and selfregeneration cannot match the rate of damage and injury, then illness surfaces.

In the Positive Visualization exercise, we enhance our self-curing and self-regenerating ability. We also use our minds, as we hold the image of the recovery process, to direct our cells to be designed the way we want.

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